Building a website in six simple steps...

  • Discovery

    The first step in designing a successful web site is to gather information. We chat either on the phone or via email and I can get to know your business and what you would like to achieve with your website, any special functionality or features you would like, and the overall style and branding of your business.

  • Planning

    Using the information gathered from step one, it is time to put together a plan for your web site. I will work with you to determine what goes where to create a functional layout incorporating all of the features, sections, and calls to action that are to be included within the site. You will receive an invoice for a 50% payment at this time.

  • Design

    Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, it’s time to determine the look and feel of your site. I will work on and provide design mockups with different variations for color/graphics/etc. I will email these mockups to you as a jpeg via email. We will then work together, going back and forth, until the graphics, colors, and overall feel of the site are approved by you.

  • Development

    The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. This is typically done by first developing the home page, followed by a “shell” for the interior pages. The shell serves as a template for the content pages of your site, as it contains the main navigational structure for the web site. Once the shell has been created, I will then require your content and I will distribute it throughout the site. If you have organised your own web hosting, I will require those details at this time.

  • Demonstration

    At this point, I will attend to the final details and test your web site. I will test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well as troubleshoot for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.

  • Delivery

    Once the final payment is received, the new site will now be launched. If you have elected a website with a content management system, I will provide you with details on how to log in to your website and how you go about making changes to different elements throughout your site. Once your site is live, I offer an initial 3 months maintenance, so we can iron out any bumps that may present themselves.

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